LANGUAGE  DEPARTMENT:

The language department is headed by a head of department (H.O.D) the H.O.D is in charge of two major languages namely English and kiswahili. The department is currently having eight members.

1.  Mrs. Kiilu (H.O.D) - Kiswahili

2.  Mrs. Nzioka (Deputy) - Kiswahili

3.  Mr. Mwaluko (H.O.S) -English

4.  Mr. Munyao - English

5.  Mrs. Peter - Kiswahili

6.  Mr. Tata - English

7.  Miss. Mutisya - English

8.  Mrs.  Wambua – English

The two languages are compulsory in the curriculum and that is why every student is required to demonstrate a great aptitude for the languages. Firstly, English is the language of instruction for all other subjects apart from Kiswahili. Secondly, Kiswahili is the National language. By this virtue, Kiswahili is an important language to us as in we demonstrate own national pride. Languages are very important in nurturing the minds of the students. The languages require students to engage in silent reading, interpretive reading, closed reading, critical reading and study reading. In the school there are a few areas which are the responsibility of the language department.

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