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Hello Kenyan’s and all people of the world. I have served in vyulya girls’ secondary school for many years as the discipline master and also as the senior master in the school. l feel privileged to comment about the school and students discipline.

Our school is established on very strong moral values as stated in various places in the bible such as: - proverbs 12:1, proverbs 15:10. We believe in moulding all the aspects of development in a person. The young ones we entrusted with by parents. In exerting this noble and missionary work to the young ones [students] l have realised that students are different and with different temperaments which needs to be understood when it comes to disciplines, guidance and counselling.


I have realised in the course of my duties that cases became very simple when initially vividly communicate your expectations to the learners. The learners need also to know in very clear terms the consequence of any unpalatable behaviour. In order to achieve the above we make sure as a school that before any students joins our school a copy of the school rules and regulation is attached to the joining instructions.


Besides this we orientate our students about everything from discipline, academic, non-academic to spiritual avenues in order to be all-round. That’s why I believe that any student is ready to excel in life and passes through the Vyulya system must come out a Success.

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